Aparna-Craft Powder Coating creates a hard finish that is tougher than a conventional paint finish which provides the following benefits:
1.Wide range of finishes to cater to the availability.
2.Increasing the utilization of the material by boosting efficiency.
3.Prominently amplify the aesthetic appeal.
4.Ensuring that the material is directly ready for use.
Why Aparna Powder Coating?
We specialise in delivering premium-quality coatings that retrace durability and aesthetics. With our innovative powder-coating facility and expert team, we provide an extensive range of Powder coating service solutions customized to meet your specific architectural needs.
Our range includes - glossy powder coating, semi-glossy powder coating, matte textured powder coating, and metallic finish powder coating.
We have positioned ourselves among the industry’s best powder-coating companies, who ensure precision, longevity and flawless finishes in every project. Our expertise in innovation and undivided attention to detail sets us apart, making us the preferred choice for clients requiring excellent powder-coating services.
We deliver across the nation and have a flagship presence in Hyderabad.
Join forces with us and discover the unparalleled advantage of collaborating with a reputable leader in the industry. Let us transform your vision into reality, and deliver impeccable quality and reliability for all your powder-coating needs.
Our Definitive Features of Power Coating
1.Highest Durability
Long-lasting protection against corrosion. Our powder-coating boasts the durability of the colours thereby reducing maintenance needs.
2.Quick Turnaround
Our overall process of powder-coating is quick and efficient with minimal drying or curing time. Hence a faster turnaround time for your project.
3.Start-of-the-art Facility
Our high-tech facility conducts more than 10 rigorous tests to ensure the highest industry-standard compliance and the products at par and beyond.
4.Quality Control
Customer satisfaction is the primary motive of Aparna Enterprises Limited wherein our quality team led by experts safeguarding standards at every stage. With warranty certificates from leading suppliers, we guarantee against fading, gloss retention and more.
5.Eco-conscious Practices
We use non-toxic chemicals and strive to reduce chemical emissions and air pollution to ensure the safest environment for our workers and a greener planet.
6.Fantastic Finishes, Collaborative Partnerships
We offer a vibrant range of RAL shades and finishes including glossy, semi-glossy, matte-textured and metallic options. Collaboration is key to us and we communicate and aim to collaborate on every detail to achieve the desired look for your project.
7.Unparalleled Expertise
We translate years of industry experience with our talented team of skilled professionals bringing pristine results to every project.


Powder Coating is a process of applying the chosen colour powder onto aluminium surfaces. We apply the colour using electrostatic guns specifically made and used for this purpose. Using this gun, the powder is forcibly ejected from the colouring jetOnce applied onto the surfaces, the material is baked in an oven at the required temperature. Once cooled off, the coated material then arrives at the desired finish.

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