APARNA-CRAFT is a joint venture between Aparna Group, India, a construction and building materials leader, and Craft International, Hong Kong, a world leader in façade and exterior design and engineering. From residential retreats to industrial havens, our facades add magic and magnificence to your vision. We design innovative solutions at the heart of technology and customization to meet the evolving architectural demands.


APARNA CRAFT brings life to your architectural vision with the finest quality curtain walls, facade and glazing structures, and aluminium cladding solutions. We deliver thoughtful designs and tasteful accents that embody timeless elegance to deliver a classy frontage and captivating exterior. Our facade systems are engineered to perfection and practicality and are manufactured following stringent standards and quality control mechanisms.

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Aparna Enterprises Ltd.

8-2-293/82/A, Plot No-1214, Road No-60,

Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad-500 033.

CIN no.: U51109TG1994PLC018950