Aparna Unispace is a premium, multi-brand store hub for bath space luxury products. We are the only store in Hyderabad and Telangana to feature sanitaryware from iconic international brands. Unispace is committed to transforming the wellness and aesthetics of personal spaces in India at the crossroads of design, functionality, coziness, and sophistication. With the largest customer configuration lounge, we blend artistic and innovative abilities to help customers configure, customize, and curate a beautiful, smart home space.
Welcome to Aparna Luxury Sanitaryware, where elegance and functionality converge to create an unparalleled experience in bathroom sophistication. We, at Aparna, are dedicated to crafting spaces that radiate luxury. Our extensive collection of sanitaryware embodies this commitment, transforming ordinary bathrooms into havens of opulent refinement.
Craftsmanship Elevated to an Art
At Aparna Luxury Sanitaryware, our devotion to craftsmanship is unwavering. Every item in our range exemplifies the mastery of our artisans, whose skillful hands breathe life into each timeless design. Whether it’s a contemporary marvel or a piece inspired by classic beauty, our sanitaryware stands as a symbol of superior quality and meticulous precision.
The Essence of Elegance in Every Aspect
Our products are a symphony of elegance, perfectly balancing aesthetic appeal with functionality. Delve into our array of sophisticated basins, luxurious bathtubs, elegant faucets, and bespoke accessories. Each curve, line, and finish is thoughtfully chosen to elevate the visual allure of your bathroom.
Cutting-Edge Design Philosophy
Innovation lies at the heart of Aparna Luxury Sanitaryware Brands. Our ambition to redefine design boundaries is evident in our avant-garde creations, turning bathrooms into lavish retreats. This dedication to innovation is mirrored in our state-of-the-art products, which not only augment the aesthetics but also enrich the user experience.
A Luxurious Bathing Journey
Step into the indulgence of our bathtubs, a sanctuary where relaxation is redefined. Crafted for utmost comfort and designed with precision, our bathtubs transcend their functional purpose—they are an indulgence. Immerse yourself in serenity with our elegantly crafted tubs, elevating your bathing ritual to the pinnacle of luxury.
Sustainability at Our Core
Aparna Luxury Sanitaryware is deeply committed to environmental stewardship. Our dedication is reflected in our choice of eco-friendly materials and water-efficient technologies. Enjoy the luxury, knowing that our products are conscientiously designed, mindful of their environmental footprint.
Tailored Service for Your Unique Vision
Your experience with Aparna Luxury Sanitaryware goes beyond product selection—it's about crafting a bespoke oasis. Our experts are committed to guiding you, offering insights and tailored recommendations to ensure your choices perfectly align with your personal vision.
Why Choose Aparna Luxury Sanitaryware?
Unmatched Craftsmanship: Immerse in the artistry of our craftsmen, whose unmatched skill and passion infuse life into each product.
Futuristic Technology: Experience the vanguard of bathroom design with our technologically superior products, where innovation meets elegance.
Eco-Conscious Luxury: Embrace refined luxury with our eco-friendly materials and water-conservation initiatives, underlining our commitment to sustainability.
Personalized Experience: We prioritize your vision, providing customized guidance to ensure your selections perfectly reflect your design aspirations.
Elevate your bathroom with Aparna Luxury Sanitaryware. Our collection awaits to transform your space into a bastion of comfort and luxury. Reach out to us and begin your journey towards a bathroom sanitaryware that mirrors your unique taste and indulgent lifestyle.
In conclusion, Aparna Luxury Sanitaryware is not just a brand, it's a testament to the fusion of artistry and innovation in bathroom design. Our commitment goes beyond merely providing high-end fixtures; we strive to create an experience of unparalleled luxury and comfort. Each product in our collection is a masterpiece, reflecting meticulous craftsmanship and a deep understanding of our clients' desires for elegance and functionality. Our environmentally conscious approach ensures that while you indulge in the opulence of our designs, you also contribute positively to the planet. The journey with Aparna Luxury Sanitaryware is one of collaboration and personalization, where your vision for a dream bathroom becomes our mission. We invite you to explore the limitless possibilities with our exquisite range, confident that you will find the perfect blend of style, sophistication, and sustainability. Let Aparna Luxury Sanitaryware transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of tranquility and luxury, a space that not only meets your functional needs but also resonates with your personal style and commitment to the environment. Embrace this journey of transformation with us, and experience the true essence of luxury in every detail.


Aparna Unispace houses an aspirational assortment of bathroom fittings from reputed brands like Grohe, Schell, Armani Roca, Fantini, and so on. From basic accessories and furniture to high-end wellness and spa systems like hydrotherapy solutions, we curate the best-in-class products from across the world that enhance the luxury, aesthetics, and practicality of the space.

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