Alteza is our state-of-the-art production facility for end-to-end, innovative aluminium solutions and turnkey services from consulting, selection, and manufacturing to delivery, installation, and follow-up support. Incepted as a joint venture between Aparna Enterprises Limited and Craft Holdings, Hong Kong, Alteza prides itself on offering bespoke, premium-grade aluminum doors and windows that add an ultra-modern, edgy style statement to your space. All Alteza aluminum solutions are manufactured with exceptional precision and installed with deep professional expertise.
Welcome to the best in style and function – our top Aluminium Windows & Doors. Made with care and designed for beauty and performance, they change how you enjoy your spaces. Bring luxury and lasting quality to your home or business with our aluminium products.
Strong and Lasting
Our Aluminium Windows & Doors are made to last. Aluminium is strong and doesn't corrode, so our windows and doors keep their shape in all weathers. Forget warping or rusting – our products are tough and give great value.
Sleek, Modern Look
Make your spaces modern with our aluminium windows and doors. Their slim profiles and clean lines add a modern touch to any building style. Choose from many designs to fit your taste and style.
Energy-Saving Our Aluminium Windows & Doors are energy-efficient and stylish. They insulate well and reduce heat transfer, making your indoor space comfy and cutting down on energy costs. They're good-looking and eco-friendly.
Customizable Every space is different, and so are your choices. Our Aluminium Windows & Doors have many options in finishes, colors, and styles. Customize to fit your vision. Our focus on personalization means your windows and doors match your style perfectly.
Easy to Care For Enjoy beautiful views without constant upkeep. Aluminium resists corrosion and is easy to maintain. Our windows and doors stay like new with simple cleaning, saving you time and effort.
Safe and Secure
Your safety matters to us. Our Aluminium Windows & Doors have top security features for your peace of mind. Strong locks and tough glass options keep your home or business safe.
Choose quality and sustainability. Aluminium is fully recyclable, making our products environmentally friendly. By choosing our Aluminium Windows & Doors, you help reduce environmental impact and support eco-friendly practices.
Upgrade your spaces with the perfect mix of style, strength, and function. Our Aluminium Windows & Doors are more than just parts of a building; they're luxury and practicality combined. Discover our range and let your spaces show off modern living at its best. See how our premium aluminium can transform your home or business. Choose the best, choose our Aluminium Windows & Doors."


Manufactured with advanced German machinery and fitted with European-branded hardware, Alteza offers 360-degree, best-in-class aluminum doors and windows for basic casements and fixed systems to sophisticated turn & tilt and sliding applications. The systems are fabricated to your shape, size, and color specifications to eventually add a timeless touch and a contemporary aesthetic to the building space. Lightweight and sturdy, the systems are equipped with drip-preventing abilities, storm-resistant features, and noise-canceling properties while being tried and tested to meet European Standards.

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